Worms Blast PC Download (Full Version)

Worms Blast PC Download

About This Game

The most warlike worms we’ve ever known are back… mind you, having ditched their full metal jackets and heavy artillery in the locker room for a rosier complexion in this Bust-a-Move puzzle hybrid.

Despite having laid the foundations of a genre, our worms have decided to take a little vacation doing paraguayismo, and shooting at… some harmless colorful blocks. But let’s not get carried away, despite the resemblance to Bust-a-Move, Worms Blast reserves us some surprises, well in its style: bazooka, grenades, rocket launchers, shotgun, dynamite, etc.

As for the objective of the game, this is to shoot against the colored blocks, but it is not as simple as it seems, since the color of the blocks matters so much that your weapons will have to be loaded with the same color as your target. If you hit, you will destroy all the blocks of the same color that are next to each other, but if you miss, you will soon find yourself in trouble.