Trapped Dead PC Download (Full Version)

Trapped Dead PC Download

About This Game

Trapped Dead is a real-time strategy and tactics video game in the style of classics like “Commandos” and “Desperados”. You and your friends control your respective characters in a third-person isometric view through a mature zombie survival scenario inspired by the hit horror movies of the early ’80s.

A 4 player cooperative mode is also included. The story takes place in the early 1980s in a small town called Hedge Hill near Kansas City, Missouri. The planting of a new type of genetically modified corn caused the existence of a new virus that mutated through the natural food chain. A bite from an infected animal led to a local outbreak of the virus that quickly infected the inhabitants of the idyllic provincial town.

Mike and Gerald, two students, are thrown into the middle of a hair-raising scene of terror. Having stopped at a gas station near Hedge Hill on what was meant to be a pleasant road trip, they are still unaware that the virus has already reached the gas station and infected its staff.

OS: Windows 7/8/10 or higher
Memory: 1GB
Graphics: Graphics card supporting shader 3.0 (onboard chipsets are not supported)