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Syndicate PC Game

About This Game

Syndicate is a 2012 action FPS video game Remake of a 1993 game developed by Bullfrog Productions. The game is set in the year 2069 and the player controls agent Miles Kilo, the latest Eurocorp agent, equipped with the new DART 6 chip prototype created by Eurocorp scientist Drawl Lily.

After a successful test of the chip’s capabilities, Eurocorp CEO Jack Denham assigns him to kill Lily’s counterpart in the rival Aspari syndicate. Accompanied by his mentor, agent Jules Merit, Kilo attacks Aspari’s Los Angeles branch and Chang, who commits suicide.

Kilo retrieves the chip from him. Kilo also discovers from an encrypted conversation that Lily has been sharing information with Chang on the creation of the DART 6 chip. After fighting off West Meld Solutions forces and an Aspari agent, Kilo and Merit escape and return to Eurocorp HQ in New York, but Merit is seriously injured in the process.