Stick Fight: The Game PC Download (v1.2.08)

Stick Fight: The Game PC Download

About This Game

It’s hard to imagine a simpler and, at the same time, more addictive fighting game than Stick Fight: The Game. And it is that, in it, you will have to control figures with a stick structure equipped with powerful weapons in scenarios in which everything is manipulable. Of course, this fact can play in your favor or against you.

Stick Fight: The Game is designed to fight battles involving 2 to 4 players, which means that it does not have a ‘single player’ mode. For its part, these games can be carried out through a local network or through an Internet connection.

In addition, it has a total of 80 totally different levels and scenarios in which you can interact with everything. And, when we say interact, we mean to destroy or, failing that, to use as a weapon. The objective of each round is that, at the end, there is only one left and add all the possible points.