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About This Game

Operation Flashpoint is a 2001 first-person shooter and tactical video game developed by Bohemia Interactive and distributed by Codemasters. The story behind the game involves a fictional conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, taking place on a group of fictional islands in 1985.

The action in this game is very different from other first person shooter video games like Quake or Doom, what stands out about this game is its realism and combat simulation features. So much so, that it is used as a training tool in the armies of some countries.

The character has a varied amount of tactical group moves. The missions are carried out at the discretion of the player, there is no linear mode usual in this genre of games. The player also has a wide variety of weapons available for the time, and can move freely on each of the islands. There are a huge number of military and civilian vehicles: from tanks and planes to ordinary tractors.