Dread Templar PC Download (GOG)


About This Game

Terrible Templar may be suitable for those nostalgic for the old first-person shooters of the late 90s and early 20s. The game has flesh and blood. In this retro FPS, the player controls the terrible templar. He fights demons and undead.

The hero can carry a whole arsenal of weapons and a large amount of ammunition. There is a bow, a double rifle, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, a grenade launcher, and a revolver. Also includes a magic glove, a normal pistol and a silenced submachine gun.

Some barrels can be carried in pairs for two-handed firing. In Dread Templar, barrels can be changed at any time. Weapon reloading is available. In hand-to-hand combat, the protagonist fights with two katanas. Blades allow you to throw opponents.