DeadSpace 4 PC Game [Full] [RePack]

Dead Space 4 PC Download (Full Version)

About This Game

Dead Space appeared in the previous generation of consoles with a first installment very focused on terror, which dazzled survival horror lovers since at that time games within that genre were scarce (it was not like now, that they have practically been become fashionable) and even more so in the case of a new IP, apart from the well-known sagas of the past such as (Resident Evil or Silent Hill).

A new title that was a success, mixing biological terror with psychological (curiously, both flagship of the two aforementioned sagas, respectively) and action, in an environment that had also never been applied to a scary game: the space. The cold and lonely space, with all the threats it comprises, with one of them being the alien as the protagonist.

This approach did not take long to make an important niche within the industry and more specifically the genre to which it belonged, as well as in the hearts of fans of scary games. And that is why since the launch of the last installment (Dead Space 3) with which the trilogy closed (although it is already focused much more clearly and brazenly on the action) he has not stopped asking and even speculating with a possible return of the space horror IP created by EA and Visceral Games.

Links Will Be Given, Once Game Is Properly Released