The Hulk 2003 PC Download (Full Version)

The Hulk 2003 PC Download

About This Game

The Hulk 2003 is a third-person action video game starring the Marvel Star Hulk and is based on settings and characters from the 2003 film by Ang Lee rather than the comic book series.

Playing the role of Bruce Banner and his enraged alter ego, players must battle a series of mutated enemies, avoid military pursuers, and smash through a variety of interactive objects while navigating the 3D world. . Play as both Bruce Banner and the Hulk in a series of 25 fully destructible levels, smash through walls, launch cars, smash pipes and other items as you take on enemies as the Hulk.

Use stealth and problem solving skills while you’re playing as Bruce Banner. Confront five boss characters in the quest for the leader. Missions take place in San Francisco, on Alcatraz, inside military compounds, and much more.