Street Fighter II SNK v8.0 PC Download (Premium Edition)

Street Fighter II SNK Style PC Download (v3)

About This Game

Street Fighter SNK is a fighting game in which, as its name indicates, we’ll be able to control characters from the Street Fighter saga. Of course, with a more stylized graphic style typical of the sprites of the fighting games of the SNK company.

Classic characters such as Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Chun Li or Guile are joined by various characters created by fans such as Poison, Sakura or Hugo. In total there are more than 51 characters who come together in this peculiar martial arts tournament.

The game’s graphics, with the exceptions mentioned above, have been taken directly from the SNK vs Capcom video game, so the character models will also look quite familiar.

The controls and movements of the characters will be familiar to all fans of fighting games. We will be able to do all the usual movements and combos in the genre, as well as super-hits that will require us to fill an energy bar.

Street Fighter SNK is a two-dimensional fighting game that features traditional controls and mechanics as fun as the most successful games from the Capcom and SNK franchises.