Saint Seiya Ultimate Cosmo 2023 PC Download

Saint Seiya Ultimate Cosmo UPDATE 2022

About This Game

download of Saint Seiya Ultimate Cosmo 2023 with new update on Knights of the Zodiac characters. The game is made with the MUGEN engine for the PC

The new Saint Seiya Ultimate Cosmo update brings new characters: AnkokuDragon and Mime, as well as improvements in several chars and stages. In total, the Knights of the Zodiac game contains the characters: Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Jao, Atlas, Saga Evil, Aiolia, Dohko, Milo, Shura, Thor, Fenril, Albérich, Mizard, Siegfried, Argol, Baian, Kryshaor, Jaki, Hyoga, Shiryu, Hagen, AnkokuDragon and Mime.

It is worth noting that the game Saint Seiya Ultimate Cosmo is considerably HEAVY. To play without any lag or crashes, you must have GOOD hardware SETTINGS on your computer. There is NO list of minimum and recommended requirements for MUGEN.