Rustler Murder Madness PC Download (v1.10.08 & DLC)

Rustler - Murder Madness PC Download

About This Game

Hire Mercenaries
Who wouldn’t like for someone else to take the beating instead of them? Well, Guy surely does. Hire mercenaries and let them to fight for you. Let the murder madness begin!

Smash with new weapons
A fast-reloading, agile bow is at your disposal now. Get on a new bowman’s horse too and do some robbin hooding.
There’s also a brutal Mace if you want to punch your way through some armored knights.

Ride ’em all with a chariot
Grind some meat with one new super-deadly war chariot. Show everyone that a murder party never spares nobody.

Medieval Madness
Complete the new MurderFest challenges, and master the combat bow, mace, and chariot. Become the best-equipped medieval thug anyone has ever heard of.