Reservoir Dogs PC Game [Full] [Windows]

About This Game

Reservoir Dogs is a video game based on the Quentin Tarantino film of the same name. Released in 2006, it caused minor controversies for its violence, being banned in Australia and New Zealand.

The game has the same story as the movie, but goes into more detail. It remains faithful to the film, with players able to play all of the main characters. It follows the progress and planning of the diamond heist, and reveals some of the events that only took place off-screen.

The game consists of both third-person shooting and driving sections. The game encourages the player to take hostages and avoid mass slaughter: both in the ranking system, where a player can be classified as “Psychopath” if many people are killed, or a “Professional” if not.

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 or higher
CPU: Pentium 3 @ 800 MHz or Equivalent
Memory: 256 MB
Graphics: 32 MB with Transform and Lighting