Pocket Forest PC Download (Full Version)

Pocket Forest PC Download

About This Game

An adventure full of forest friends awaits you! Swipe left, right, up and down to move rows and columns. Combine resource groups of 3 or more. TAP to update group resources! Continually update your resources and watch your forest family THRIVE! Match more than 3 squares to get a higher score.

Each level has three super cute resources. The green tiles will transform into trees that, over time, will grow into mature forests. The blue tiles will condense into water droplets that hydrate the forest soils, plants and animals! The brown tiles will give birth to Cubs (baby foxes) that will eventually form the cutest fox family you will ever see! Keep an eye on the number of moves left in each round to develop the best forestry strategy. Newly created tiles can be combined in groups of 3 to continue maturing the landscape.