Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC Full [MediaFire]

Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC Full

About This Game

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is an FPS or first-person shooter video game. It is the sequel to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. In this installment, players must lead a team of marines involved in an international conflict against a group of insurgents and the Chinese army itself.

The player can choose from four classes of marines to play as, Rifleman, Grenadier, Scout and Auto Rifleman, each with their own weapons and abilities.

You gain experience during the game, which can be used to unlock weapons, accessories, and perks. Enemies are capable of killing the player with a single shot, depending on the area affected.

OS: Windows 7/8/10 or higher
CPU: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: 256 MB, Nvidia GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800