Obscure Collection CorePack PC Game [Full] [MediaFire]

Obscure Collection CorePack PC Game

About This Game

Obscure Collection CorePack Includes Obscure 1 and 2. Obscure is a survival horror and psychological horror video game. The game begins by placing us at the Leafmore Institute, the center where the protagonists study.

Kenny, Stan and other teammates play basketball, while Shannon watches them and Josh records the game. Minutes later, Kenny is left alone training, until he begins to hear his cell phone ringing from the locker room.

It’s Ashley, who meets him to spend the night together. But while Kenny is not looking, a stranger (who turns out to be Friedman, director of the institute) steals his backpack, making the young man follow him outside, crossing through a gate that had always been closed.

Kenny suddenly finds himself in a garden overlooking an old abandoned house with an open shed, which he enters. There he finds a gun and a flashlight, with which he goes down some stairs after hearing strange noises. ObsCure II is the second installment of the saga.

OS: Windows 7/8/10 or higher
CPU: Intel Pentium III 700 MHz o Athlon XP equivalente
Memory: 512 MB
Graphics: GeForce 3, Radeon Series 64 MB