Nightmare House 2 PC Game [Full] [RePack]

About This Game

Nightmare House 2 is a first-person horror and action game based on the Half Life 2 engine, in which we will have to enter a dark environment like no other to try to survive (if possible) our worst nightmare. During the adventure, we will witness all kinds of horrors that will stalk our protagonist.

Luckily we will have the occasional firearm that will allow us to face the horrors with a clean shot. During the game our objective will be to determine to what extent everything we are experiencing is the result of our protagonist’s mind, and to what extent he is really experiencing all these events.

The terrifying setting full of scares, of course, will not help us at all to discern reality from imagination. Nightmare House 2 is a terrifying game that, despite this focus on fear, also offers a good dose of action in which we will have to put all our efforts, machine gun in hand, to survive.