Let’s Play Hyper Dragonball Z Vision Mugen PC Full [MediaFire]

Let's Play Hyper Dragonball Z Vision Mugen PC Download

About This Game

Dragon Ball fighting video games lived a golden age on 16-bit consoles that, with the move to 3D, had to be reinvented to remain current. For those nostalgic for the classic two-dimensional fight, there is this Hyper Dragon Ball Z.

The game, unlike other free titles made by fans, does not borrow its graphics from commercial video games, but its authors have made them completely from scratch to give them an aspect that is close to that of established studies in the field such as itself. 90’s Capcom.

Both the music and the settings are also completely original. Although the game has been in development for several years, each new version surprises us given the high quality of the title in all its facets.