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Helltaker For Windows [PC]

About This Game

Helltaker is a puzzle game developed by Vanripper. It’s a short and fun game about a character who goes into Hell with a mission to get a harem of demon girls. It is a standalone game and relatively short.

However, the puzzles it proposes are very challenging, so the game can take a long time if the puzzles are not solved. The art style is very elegant and players want to see it through to the end. The game is available for free to download and play, so the only investment the player makes is their time.

Helltaker is a series of short intricate moving puzzles, in which the hero has to make his way from one side of the screen to the other. The game begins with the protagonist dreaming of amassing a harem of demon brides. However, when he wakes up he finds himself in a portal that takes him to the realm of darkness. He then descends into the passage to hell hoping to find his potential girlfriend there.