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About This Game

Half-Life 2 (HL2) is the sequel to the video game Half-Life, a first-person shooter video adventure. Previously, the video game was sold together with Counter-Strike: Source, the sequel to Counter-Strike with the new graphics engine (Source) and the physical engine (Havok) implemented and the levels completely redesigned.

The game’s story takes place approximately 20 years after Half-Life. Gordon Freeman agreed to work for the G-Man after defeating Nihilanth, thus being put into a state of hibernation, where he has been frozen in time.

It was believed that the destruction of Nihilanth would end the Portal Storm, but it did not. His death created a new and unstable storm of portals that swept across the world, transporting much of Xen’s creatures to Earth. The Xenians had previously been conquered by another alien race called the Combine Empire.