GTA All Collection 1-11 Pack PC Game Free Download

GTA All Collection

About This Game

To talk about Grand Theft Auto is to talk about one of the most spectacular and successful video game franchises of recent decades and that has triumphed on all platforms: Windows, iPhone, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox… The open world in the where the action takes place, its freedom of movement, its characters and its plots have made each of the installments of the saga authentic bombshells.

And if you have trouble overcoming any of its phases, you can always turn to the innumerable tricks, tips, guides, keys and codes that you can find on the Internet: its community of players is very large and active. Of course, we hope that this one does precisely as in previous versions of the saga: that it prepares mods to expand the possibilities of the game.

You already know that GTA for PC is a classic from the moment of its release. Therefore, don’t hesitate a moment longer and get hold of the most spectacular and badass action game of recent years.