Farmer’s Fairy Tale PC Download (Full Version)

Farmer’s Fairy For Windows [PC]

About This Game

Farmer’s Fairy Tale is a fun casual game in which players will put themselves in the shoes of a young city girl who arrives in a fantasy town hidden in the forest to find that its inhabitants are being exploited and plundered by the feudal lord of area.

At first, our job will consist of lending a hand to these inhabitants, managing to reach the level of production that the queen requires so as not to burn down the lands of these people. After this we can start to build new buildings to exploit the field and be able to generate surpluses that we can use for our own consumption.

The game organizes its content by ‘missions’. Some are primary and some are secondary, and usually have to do with helping someone in the village achieve a goal before the queen comes to destroy everything. As workers, we will get exhausted and we will need to eat and stay healthy to carry out all this hard work in the field. By achieving the different objectives of the missions, we will obtain benefits that we can use in improvements. In addition, throughout the game we will be able to make decisions that will help us learn more about this fantasy place.