Cast1evania SOTN PC Game [Full] [RePack]

About This Game

Cast1evania SOTN known as Dracula X in Japan, is a video game of the Cast1evania saga of action-adventure for Play Station 1 and Sega Saturn consoles. This game completely revolutionized the series,

taking it from the standard platform formula, established in its predecessors, except Cast1evania 2 for NES, and introduced a new style of gameplay mixed with RPG elements that would be imitated by almost all subsequent titles.

The protagonist of the game is Vampire Alucard, whose basic moves are attacking with multiple weapons and jumping. As you explore the castle and gain experience, you learn new skills. The player is free to explore adjacent areas of the castle (areas that do not lead directly to the final boss or the end of the game) and sometimes have to revisit previously visited areas after acquiring new abilities.