How to get the best trip ever? Learn from experts advices.

If you were in love with travelling and have a great passion for packing your bags and get on a plane, you have to remember these advices to get the best trip ever.

Tourism and travelling are one of the best activities you can do in your life. Especially if you have some one that would like to share with you this passion and encourage you to do it, but sometimes this extremely enjoyable activity can turn to be a worrying and tensing event. As a lot of people think over and over about the travel luggage and the expenses they have to pay. Then they get a lot of fears and worries starting from getting on a plane passing by getting lost or robbed ending with losing bag or belongings. So we decided to gather to you experts advices which are related to travelling and how you can enjoy your journey to the max to get the best journey and the best time ever.
Expert advices to get the best trip ever

1- Train on patient

There are a lot of stuff that you don’t have control on it in life, so you don’t have to worry about them all the time and you have to control your angry and upset. Always try to think about something positive and recognize that there is your will and there is god will, and your will can’t change god will, so if it wasn’t meant for you to get something, look for the alternative, even if you didn’t plan for this.

2- Wake up early

If you were in a new place or in a place that you have seen before, don’t waste your time in sleeping. Wake up early, have your breakfast and watch the city you are visiting, at the end you will go back to your city in which you know every inch inside it, so you can sleep as much as you want.

3- Enjoy even your naive.

If you are visiting a new country or don’t speak it’s language well, So it’s your chance to enjoy what you see and laugh out loud from your naivety or ignorance of a lot of new stuff that you have just learned. don’t be ashamed of your dazzling and enjoy your time like a little child.

4- Don’t keep your money at one place

There is a famous quote warning you from putting all eggs at one basket. And we also warn you from keeping all your money at one place. Distribute the money to different places and always carry additional emergency money.


5- Get to know the locals

In the entire world countries there are places that are specialized to tourist, as it is organized and prepared in a certain way for them, it is a good thing to visit these places but it is also wonderful to go and see the true nature of this place. See the ordinary places in which the locals live, see their local markets and their worship houses, it may be strange thing but you will have so much fun and you will get closer to the real culture of this country.

6- Heavy piece

there are great climatic differences between the world countries, so don’t forget to put even one heavy cloth at your bag to be ready for low temperature, even if you didn’t need it, having it won’t bother you, but you can get use of it while you are at the airport or any other place late at night.

7- Many copies

There are a lot of countries that is known with high robbery level, especially eastern European countries so you have to prepare yourself well for this information. Try to keep more than one hard and electronic copy of your id papers to save yourself in any encountered situations, especially if you got robbed.

8- Take a lot of photos

Your trip time passes so quickly and when you get back to your home and your town, nothing will left but your feeling toward your wonderful experience, and some beautiful memories that you must document with a lot of taken photos for every visited place, especially if you were trying new and wired thing.

9- Be humble

If you were in new country try not to be arrogant or look like a tourist, try to be simple in dealing with others. and be friendly toward them, I am not going to ask you to hug every one you see but you can just smile and say hello.

10- Be open minded

mostly we love to travel to different and strange places, so basically you will see a lot of strange people, who are different than you and your life style, so you have to be open minded and able to accept others, and I advise you to read a little about the society culture you are dealing with so you won’t be surprised with anything weird, and also it is better to know the accepted and rejected in dealing with locals.

If you are going to travel to a new country, you have to take the chance of eating local food and getting to know some of their different and weird activities. It is also okay to try one of these activities or volunteering once to do so. Always remember that it is a short time and you have to enjoy it to the maximum.

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