Contra Evolution PC Download (Full Version)

Contra Evolution PC Download

About This Game

Con: Evolution is a two-dimensional platformer and action game in which players can control an elite soldier, who must fight against invading forces starting in the South African jungle.

Players will be able to choose from several different characters, although they will all behave the same once we start playing. Unlike traditional Contras, in Contra: Evolution your character shoots constantly and automatically. Thanks to this, you only have to worry about jumping, dodging, and using special skills.

As in traditional Contras, in Contra: Evolution you’ll alternate between phases in two dimensions in which you have to shoot enemies and dodge their attacks; with phases in which you have to move forward, shooting on the sides of the screen.

Contra: Evolution is a fun shooting and platformer that also has the nostalgic component of those who played the original titles. In fact, the level design is identical to that of the franchise’s first title.