9 Unbelievable things Restaurants Do to Save costs


After reading this article, many of you might think twice before going out to eat.

Pre-prepare foods

When it comes to timing, restaurants will do almost everything to wrap things up. The need to serve too many customers at a very short time makes some restaurants cook food ahead of time and then heat it up. You can see this clearly at the dinner rush. If you ordered something that has been pre-cooked, someone will just heat it up, dress it up a little, and serve it.

No Gloves

Not only in restaurants but also in most places that handle food, workers won’t bother wearing gloves. The manufacturer’s policies might not even include a section concerning this matter. The study done by Food Safety News found that 62 percent of restaurant workers handling raw beef didn’t wash their hands before dealing with other foods.

Combine ketchup bottles

Don’t you ever think that what you left of (ketchup-salt-pepper … etc ) will be disposed, No it won’t. In many areas, Health code does not force restaurants to get rid of a used ketchup bottle. On the contrary, it’s a habit to marry used bottles of ketchup almost every day. The transfer process itself might be done in very unsanitary circumstances. This is why you should not ever use a pre-used pepper shaker or ketchup bottle. If you need to, just order a new sealed one.

Not washing the linens

We all know that when it comes to a delicious meal, we can be quite messy. However; when somebody stains a tablecloths, restaurants will just (in most cases) wipe or spot clean them. That’s Because Washing them every day will cost more time and money.


Sick workers

It’s a sad truth that most workers in the restaurants industry are underpaid. If any of them got sick he/she cannot afford to call out or miss a shift and they will still come to work. Then all of the sick germs can easily be spread to the food you eat.

Expired food

Restaurant health inspectors wish you to know that some restaurants managers will serve you expired foods as long as they still look quite good. Because throwing out unused food is considered a waste of money.

Bad storage

Food ingredients are not always stored properly. Because every ingredient (Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy … etc ) needs a specific temperature, which is not done in most placec. When freezers malfunctions happen, restaurants will not throw food away. Instead they will still serve the food and hope that it is ok.

Not washing dishes

In a rare aspect, very few restaurants will keep the dishwasher running all day. In most cases, restaurants will not do that especially during the dinner rush. Instead they will give the dishes a quick rinse with hot water, and that’s it.

Reusing snacks

At some restaurants or bars, a bowl of pretzels or peanuts is to snack on is a tradition. These snacks usually come from a larger container back in the kitchen, and they also might be back to the same container at the end of the night and be reused be a countless amount of people. So be aware.

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