9 reasons drive you to continue learning after the school


A lot of people believe in the importance of continues study for ever, and a lot of scientific researches have confirmed the importance of continuous study.

A lot of people believe in the importance of lifelong continues study, and it looks like they are not the only ones who believe that. As a lot of scientific researches confirmed the importance of the continuous study, for example an article in the Atlantic magazine published that when people learn new things they strengthen the responsible part of learning in the brain. And continuous study makes the adjacent area of the brain more flexible. Which means that continuous study makes your previous information stronger? And because our world today is the world of technology that has facilitated everything. So any person even who can’t enroll in educational organization can take courses through the internet and continue to study forever.

Okay.. You may be still asking “why I have to learn forever?!” Here are reasons that will answer your question.

1- Get rid of the boring

Some people feel angry because they live dopey life that has no mind challenges or questions, you must know that boredom considered the first in reasons list that derives us to take wrong decisions. So if you kept on learning new useful stuff you will be less bored and indifference and you will turn to be mind and feeling alert. Nowadays sites and educational programs are very exhilarating. With the presence of TED, The Arabian Rwaq platform, Khan Academy, and the famous Coursera platform we can find a lot of opportunities to nourish our thoughts and develop ourselves.

2- Sustain the flexibility of your mind

A study at California University, Irvine city in 2010 found that continuing the study induce brain functions keeping them at highest level. Like your body muscle if you don’t practice, the muscle will become lethargy, Also if you do not train your mind it will lose its flexibility and activity!

3- Improve your career.

The more you learn a work related skills the more you will level up your career and you may get promoted too…isn’t this exciting?! At your free time you can attend multiple programs presented by many companies which will help you improve your career.

4- To be a good role model for your children

Spending time in self learning in front of your kids, will make you a good example for them. And will encourage them to revise their lessons and do their homework.

5- Delaying the Alzheimer’s

According to the scientific science daily website continuous study can slow down Alzheimer’s, which mean you will enjoy good health for long time.

6- Be connected with the world

If you don’t develop yourself and start with self learning you will miss a lot of things in science and knowledge, and you will be at the behind of the world! So keep in contact with the world, and keep learning.

7- Learn for fun

Don’t take learning process as if it is a mandatory process. Look for your talent or anything that makes you happy and start with it, for example if you love cooking , learning new recipes will be definitely so much fun.

8- Broaden your mind perception

With your continuous learning, your look toward life will change and therefore your attitude toward any problem will change, and you will be able to deal with it in professional and wise way.

9- Because it is a creative person characteristic

If we look at every successful and creative person in a field, we will find that he doesn’t stop improving himself and we will find that he is trying to learn continuously.

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