7 tested ways to gain money from the internet


Finding a job requires patience, but the internet provides you with wide options and opportunities, develop your skills and introduce yourself to find a job on the internet to gain money.

Are you one of those who have finished their university study and applied to work for other companies or organizations? And you still waiting for them to contact you and you may be accepted or rejected, are you currently working in a certain job in which you get an insufficient salary that is not enough to meet your demands?
If you are one of these and you are searching for a work that earns you basic or additional income, we advise you to read this article till its end, where we are going to show you some ideas and experiences to make money from the internet, and you have to choose what suits your skills and aspirations, giving it the needed time and effort to know its advantages and secrets, and the most important thing is to be characterized by patience and persist where you can’t rush the results.

7 Ways to gain money through internet and make an additional income.

1- Work independently

This is probably one of the easiest and successful tested ways to make money from the internet, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are looking for freelancers to accomplish some work for them, like translation, content creation, designing, articles writing, web developing, and much more.

If you were good at one of these fields, you are able to participate in one of the freelancing websites or platforms which is specialized in connecting entrepreneurs and freelancers, you can follow up the available projects, making good offers to compete with other freelancers, in order to be selected. Let me tell you a small secret , I am working as free lancer for almost one year now, I got the chance to work on many projects and I have made good income, so start immediately and don’t waste your time.

2- Be a mediator

Maybe it is good for you to make your special online store, to offer some products which are belong to special companies, getting an accepted commission , all what you have to do is to do your best and devote enough time to market your store first. It will also require you to follow up your clients orders and collect profits, coordinate with companies which will offer their product at your store. Start in making your online store and get ready to gain profits..

3- Train individuals or groups

During the technology era, information revolution and social media, millions of people are surfing the internet to improve their skills and acquire knowledge in many fields like marketing, sales, languages, designing and much more. So if you have sufficient skill and wide knowledge in any of these fields, why you don’t think about making a training program and upload it on your private profile on facebook, twitter or any social media ?. And I assure you from – personal experience – that you will get a lot of orders from individuals who want to improve their skills. And you will be able to gain money through that.


4- Utilize your talents to gain money

No doubt that you are talented in a field, if it was like that, why you don’t think seriously in using your talent to gain money? You may have the ability to write reports, articles or tweets, but you don’t know that there are a lot of people who are looking for others to help them in writing because they you don’t have enough time or maybe they are not good at it.
Now you can release your skills and blow up your energies starting by writing articles – just like me and others who are doing this- and gain money. Let me give you this advice, choose topic in which you can write about it, then publish the articles on some websites, as a sort of marketing your intellectual product, and make sure that you will be known after a while and you will gain enough money.

5- Get rid of the old staff

most of people have old staff in their houses (Clothes, Shoes, telephones, computers. …..etc), may be they got bored of them; as they don’t have enough space to store them, but I am sure if you search in your house you will find a lot of these staff, and instead of getting confused in how to get rid of them, why don’t you offer them on websites where this service is available Such as – Amazon and Ebay-? so you get rid of what you don’t want and gain money..

6- Working in transcription

some websites owners which are specialized in publishing articles, need to transcribe some audio and video files which talks about special topic, and may be you are good at understanding and proofreading in an interesting way, let me tell you – from personal experience- that this job is fun for those who like writing with their special style that attract readers, and it also makes good income , so why don’t you think about working at this field and gain money?.

7- Utilize social media

a lot of people think that social media is existing just to spend your spare time but this thought is not true; as they are considered a good and real income source, you can use social media to market your products and skills to millions of followers around the world, and the most important that it is considered money source that you are not going to imagine that you can have it.

In the end we can say:

The ways we mentioned above are few, we can’t mention them all here in this article, but we tried to highlight the most important and the most used points, and as you now know about them, it is your turn to start profitable job instead of waiting for a job opportunity that may be come and may be not…

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