5 Unusual Hobbies Of The Royal Family You Probably Didn’t Know

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In 2017 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II held almost 300 official meetings, and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, became a visitor to 22219 events since 1952. Agree, these figures are amazing. And you would be surprised to learn that with such a busy schedule, members of the royal family have their hobbies. Each of them has special hobbies.

We will reveal the curtain of the personal life of the most recognizable British people. We will tell you what the members of the royal family do in their free time.

1. Charles, Prince of Wales

Over the years, the Prince of Wales has tried a number of activities. The eldest son of the Queen of Great Britain has an impressive collection of paintings written by him, the heir to the throne plays polo and even is the author of books on architecture, gardening and painting. Also the Prince of Wales writes scripts for documentary films on ecology. In the list of personal achievements, there is also the authorship of the children’s book The Old Man of Lochnagar. However, the main passion for the Prince of Wales Charles is organic gardening.

2. William, Duke of Cambridge
It’s no secret that the Duke of Cambridge, William, worked for several years as a pilot of the British ambulance service in Norfolk. In addition to the love of helicopters, the future king experiences a weakness for television, and his favorite series is the historical drama “Downton Abbey.” But William’s main passion is the sport.

3. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Every day the British newspapers are filled with photographs of monarchs. However, the pictures taken by Keith Middleton have a special reputation among the guild of professional photographers. Family photos of the Duchess were published in many world media, and most of the official portraits of her children Catherine made herself, refusing the services of specialists. The art of photography Kate Middleton has been studying since 2008.

By the way, Catherine’s enthusiasm marked the Royal Photographic Society, appreciating her talent as a photographer. In recognition of the Duchess was awarded a lifetime membership in the community.

4. Harry, Duke of Sussex
Prince Harry, like his older brother William, is fond of many sports, including polo and rugby. But, unlike William, Harry devoted his personal time not to sports, but to charity. After graduating from Eton College, the 19-year-old Prince went to Africa, where he was struck by the life of the orphans of the state of Lesotho.

It is worth noting that before his wedding, Prince Harry and his fiancee Megan Markle were asked not to give them gifts for the wedding, but to donate money to charity.

5. Megan, the Duchess of Sussex

The future Duchess of Sussex did calligraphy, applying her artistic skills in design and teaching other people.

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