5 strange, but true facts about Sweden


Sweden is one of the most developed European countries, however, it does not prevent it from preserving its own characteristics and traditions, which makes it amazing and unique. For example, Swedish residents are very respectful of the tax service and like to pay taxes, Swedes are not proud of their natural hair color, and the child at birth receives the name of the mother, not his father.

We have collected the most unexpected and strange facts about Sweden, which you will discover over this extraordinary northern country.

1- Both parents receive parental leave

At the birth or adoption of the child, parents are entitled to leave for 480 days. In this case, vacation can be taken in parts: month, week, 2 days or 3 hours. Of these days, 60 are reserved for the father. However, women still take more days of the decree: according to data for 2012, men use only 24% of the time provided for child care. Despite this, every day you can meet a large number of walking with strollers fathers.








2- In Sweden, there are 2 kinds of language

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. However, informally the language is divided into simple and complicated. As a rule, the majority of the population does not use a more complex language, which includes “difficult” words, and some people do not even know their meaning. To look more erudite person, you can sometimes insert into your speech interesting verbal turns.


3- Swedes adore fast food

In Sweden, the largest number of fast food restaurants McDonald’s in Europe. Swedes do not like to cook at home, so they prefer to arrange family trips to fast food establishments. One of the local favorites is kebab pizza (a mixture of kebab and pizza). A traditional local fast food – fried herring, which is sold in street tents – unfortunately, out of fashion.








4- Swedes like to pay taxes

The tax rate varies on average from 29 to 35%, depending on the Swedish commune. And the maximum rate of income tax was fixed in 2012, and it amounted to 56.6%. At the same time, the Swedes are one of the most sound taxpayers. According to the survey, the tax service in the country is the third most popular among 30 government departments.

5- The average life expectancy in Sweden is 82 years

The average life expectancy in the country has grown over the past 10 years and is one of the highest in Europe. Now it is 79 years for men and 83.5 years for women.

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