20 Historical Photos You Probably Will See For The First Time


Old photos are noteworthy because they allow you to touch our history, to learn how people lived and what people did in the past. We suggest you go to those years and see with your own eyes the women’s volleyball on stilts, the competition of hairdressers, as well as the opening of doors. We selected a portion of historical photos, which will be interesting even to those who could not tolerate history at school.

1. A woman is standing near her home. Arkhangelsk Province of the Russian Empire, 1910

2. A man sells sponges. Austria, 1904

4. Disney engineers are working on creating one of the first animatronic figures – a caveman able to move and make sounds, 1964

5. Using banknotes as wallpaper during hyperinflation. Germany, 1923

6. Women’s fire brigade on a converted motorcycle. London, England, 1932

9. A woman wearing a mask from the “Spanish flu”. England, 1919

10. Limousine in France, 1910

11. A family living in a one-room apartment located in the slums of New York, 1890


12. Training future cavalrymen. England, 1935

13. Robert Wadlow, the highest registered person in history, according to the Guinness Book of Records, about the growth of which there is undoubted information (272 cm), 1939

14. US troops during the First World War use newly developed acoustic technologies to detect enemy aircraft

15. Woodcutter against the background of wood. California, USA, 1915

16. A family of acrobats performing on the street in Berlin, Germany, 1920

17. Competition of hairdressers in Warsaw, Poland, 1932

18. Archaeologist Howard Carter, engineer Arthur Callender and an Egyptian worker open the doors to first look at the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun, 1922

19. Interior of the bunker of Adolf Hitler during the seizure by the Allied forces in 1945

20. Colored photo of a car accident in Washington, USA, 1921

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